Car diagnostics equipment Uniscan 3
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Car diagnostics equipment Uniscan 3
Описание: Scanner Uniscan 3 is a clone of hardware-software system scanner Ecu Reader Visa by TECNOTEST. The basic functions: Reading and deleting of codes of malfunctions, and also their human readable text decoding Showing current parameters of system in a digital or graphical form (up to 10 parameters of executive components at the same time) Check and management of executive mechanisms Adaptation Clear service intervals Activation of special operating modes of the controller (depending on model of the car) Uniscan 3 allows to make wide spectre of dealer functions on many autos: coding ECU, adaptation, synchronization IMMO and ECU, set idle speed, registration and removal the chip-keys. Diagnosed systems: The engine Automatic transmission Suspension bracket ABS, SRS Cruise-control Climate-control AirBag Electronic dashboard Onboard electronics Other systems (depending on the car model).
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Car diagnostics equipment Uniscan 3

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